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​Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I am worried that I can not speak English. Do I have to speak English to join this lab?

A1. No. Professor Chad speaks and understands Korean. Most of the lab members communicate with Professor Chad in Korean.



Q2. Do I have to write my thesis in English?

A2. No. Posters and graduation theses can be written in English or Korean.


Q3. Does studying under Professor Chad count towards the required years of supervised training for the Clinical Psychology KCPA License?

A3. Yes. You can count one year of graduate school (while under Dr. Chad's supervision) for one of the three required years of training for the Clinical Psychology KCPA License. Professor Chad has supervisory authority as a supervisor, so if you enter graduate school, you will be registered as his supervisee with the Korean Clinical Psychology Association.


Q4. How do lab meetings take place?

A4. Individual and group lab meetings are held each week. Important tasks and next steps are discussed and delegated among the lab members and progress is reported in the following week. 


Q5. Do you currently have any grant-supported research projects?

A5. Yes. We currently have a project supported by the Korea Research Foundation, and we are continually applying for new research projects each year in conjunction with the Korea Research Foundation. For example, we recently completed the SEEDS Assessment project, which was assessment development work focusing on developing assessment tools for measuring social-emotional strengths in for children and adolescents. 


Q6. Does the lab only work with children?

A6. Our lab focusing on children/adolescents and parents research and clinical topics; however, we also ㅐoccassionally conduct research and clinical topics on adults. If you are interested in adult populations, that is not a problem.

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