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Join Our Lab!

We seek motivated, like-minded undergraduate interns and graduate students who are interested in learning evidence-based assessment and treatment to best help children, adolescents, and families facing mental health problems. 

Interested in joining our lab?

To apply to join our lab as a graduate student, we recommend the following:


  1. Apply to Duksung University.

    • Officially apply to our psychology program (see here)

  2. Email Dr. Chad Ebesutani.

    • Email Dr. Ebesutani as soon as possible to let him know you are interested in applying to join his lab as a graduate student.

  • Email  Dr. Ebesutani even before you apply to our program to (a) introduce yourself and to (b) share with us why you are interested in joining our lab. 

  • Your email may be written in English or Korean. 

  • If you are reading this and are interested in joining Dr. Ebesutani's lab, it's a good idea to email him now. His email is



To apply to join our lab as an undergraduate student intern, we recommend the following:

  1. Email Dr. Chad Ebesutani.

    • Email Dr. Ebesutani at any time to let him know you are interested in applying to join his lab as an undergraduate student intern. His email is

    • We require undergraduate student interns to commit a minimum of 6-8 hours per week to help us in our lab, as well as a minimum of at least 2 full semesters (including 방학). 

Top 8 Reasons to Join Our Lab

Top 8 Reasons to Join Our Lab

1. Learn Unique Professional Skills To Succeed. Learn the most important professional skills to succeed in the field of psychology, including Writing skills, Presentation skills, Research skills, Statistics, Computer skills, Excel skills, Word skills, and PowerPoint skills. Dr. Ebesutani shares with you specifics regarding what he has learned over his career regarding how to succeed in the field. 


2. Obtain Clinical Experience. Depending on your level of commitment and involvement in our lab, there are opportunities to obtain direct clinical experiences with assessment and treatment (with Korean and English-speaking child, adolescents, adults, couples and families). 

3. Obtain Authorship. Opportunities for authorship on Korean and Int'l posters and manuscripts.

4. Get Experience for Grad School/Post-Graduate Oportunities. Obtain experience (경력) and letters of recommendation from Dr. Ebesutani.

5. Build Relationships and an Academic Family. Meet like-minded colleagues, including undergraduates, graduate students, and 선배. 

6. Enhance Your Communication. Communicate in both Korean and English. Please note that, to join Dr. Ebesutani's lab, strong English listening skills is a must; it is fine to speak Korean to Dr. Ebesutani and to write your Master's Graduation Thesis (졸업 논문) in Korean, if desired.

7. Learn Evidence-based Practices. Most of the world is learning and using non-evidence-based practices when working with patients. Non-evidence-based practices refers to therapy approaches that have little to no evidence for effectiveness. In our lab, we focus on the dissemination of evidence-based practices (in assessment and treatment) that has been shown to effectively help children, adolescents, and adults eliminate their mental health problems.

8. Have Fun. Change the world, and have fun doing so~ :)

Lab Checklist

Dr. Ebesutani has developed a Checklist for students to help them learn professional and research skills to succeed in the field.

Below are some of the most important parts of this checklist. Take a look and prepare in advance! It's never too early to start doing these things to reduce your work stress and improve your productivity. Contact us if you would like to see the full checklist. 

The following skills are frequently used, and thus highly valued in our lab. The more skilled you are at these and can mention during your interview with Dr. Ebesutani, the higher your chances at getting accepted in his lab:






Using a To-Do List

Gmail/Google Calendar

Literature Database Search Skills (via Google Scholar, etc)


Fill out the contact form, or email Dr. Chad Ebesutani, if you have any other inquiries!


Tel 02-901-8727

Fax 02-901-8301


Duksung Womens University


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